Tandem sky diving at Southern Comfort Skydiving comes with two different options

Tandem sky diving lets you experience the thrill and beauty of freefall with the security of an instructor right there with you, able to talk to you and point things out in freefall and after the parachute is open.  Over 1,500 of them are Tandem sky diving first jumps from 13,500′- over 2 1/2 miles high.  This tandem sky diving experience is the opportunity of a lifetime to be extreme and experience the ultimate adrenalin rush of approximately 50 seconds of freefall.  Accelerated free fall requires more intense training than tandem sky diving (about 4-6 hours).

Skydiving inthe Bay Area has never been easier to do than with the skydiving professionals at Bay Area Skydiving.  Skydiving is one of the most sought out adventure sports in the world, Bay Area Skydiving will bring it to you affordable pricesand the flexibility to reserve your skydiving experience at your convenience.  New Zealand adventure skydiving, New Zealand tandem skydiving and extreme skydiving.  Take to the clear skies above New Zealand’s beautiful countryside and jump from the plane, in one of the most exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping thrills you will ever find—skydiving.

Disable the skydiving parachute material peripheral angioplasties skydiving san marcos tx landscape architecture design.  All modern tandem skydiving systems use a drogue parachute, which is deployed shortly after leaving the plane in order to slow the freefall speed of two people down to that of a single skydiver.  This is necessary for proper parachute deployment, lengthening the duration of the skydive, and allowing the skydivers to fall at the same speed as videographers.  Tandem skydiving systems also use larger main parachutes (360 square feet and larger) to support the extra weight of two passengers.  The parachute is deployed and the two of you glide through the sky towards the earth suspended under a huge canopy for 5-10 minutes.  Your first tandem skydive includes:Pre-jump instructional classOne tandem jump harnessed to a professional InstructorApproximately one minute of freefall from 13,000 feetA scenic 5 to 7 minute parachute flightA First Jump CertificateSkydiving videos are available for an additional chargeRegular List Price: $209E-ticket Price: $199 Cash Price with Reservation: $189Call 619.  You will learn about the sky diving equipment, the aircraft, the freefall, parachute flight, and even malfunctions and emergency scenarios.  Tandem sky diving lets you experience the thrill and beauty of freefall with the security of an instructor right there with you, able to talk to you and point things out in freefall and after the parachute is open.

G’Day, Mate! Let’s Go To Gold Coast Skydiving

Australia is a unique place filled with unique people.  The Australians spend a lot of time out in the sun and battling the elements.  Both Aborigine and fair skinned Aussies have learned to not only live with danger, but to laugh at it.  This does not mean they are completely reckless when it comes to having fun at extreme sports.  Quite the contrary.  They have fun in dangerous situations, but only in safe conditions, proper equipment and time in training.  For example, let’s take a look at Gold Coast skydiving.

Australia’s Gold Coast

The Gold Coast of Australia is not just golden because of the sunshine.  It is the leading stop for tourists and the natives of Oz.  They don’t have a yellow brick road or an Emerald City in Oz, but they do have the Gold Coast and the city of Brisbane.  The Gold Coast is infamous for its beauty, beaches – and fun.

Remember how Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz discovered she had magical powers all of the time, but needed to go on her adventures to make herself believe that she did?  You can find you have “magical” or unbelievable powers in your own abilities by going to Gold Coast skydiving and successfully making a jump.  There are many skydiving centers on the Gold Coast that take beginners to professionals.

You don’t even need to jump by yourself.  All first timers are encouraged to jump while attached to an instructor.  That way if something goes wrong on the way down, you don’t have just yourself to blame.  No, seriously, it’s because of safety.  You will have enough to think about in Gold Coast skydiving without remembering all of the technical details that the instructor takes off of your mind.  That way, you can concentrate on the beauty and the surprisingly thrilling sensations of freefall over Australia.

Adrenaline Junkies

Overcoming fear is one of the most exciting experiences for many people.  You might discover a side to yourself that you didn’t know existed when you go Gold Coast skydiving.  You can find the Gold Coast skydiving centers online or through the Tourist Information departments of Australia.  You should pre-book your jump in advance in order to be assured of getting a jump in during your Gold Coast vacation.

And remember, in the Southern Hemisphere, out June is their December.  It might be cheaper for you to travel in autumn or winter in order to take advantage of Australian spring and summer.

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Knowing The Physics Of Skydiving Shows The Gravity Of The Situation

If you want to understand all about the physics of skydiving – and who doesn’t?—then you need to know about gravity and acceleration.  Having a healthy respect for gravity and acceleration will help your skydiving experiences be safer.


Now, this is a no-brainer.  Of COURSE you have to study gravity if you want to understand the physics of skydiving – YOU ARE DROPING OUT OF THE SKY.  Just how far can you drop before you become road pizza?  And, quite frankly, why doesn’t every body that plummets out of an airplane wind up road pizza?

Gravity was theorized long before the apple supposedly hit Sir Isaac Newton on the noggin, but he did come up with the laws of thermodynamics, including the forces involved with gravity.  Leonardo da Vinci is attributed for trying to figure out why and how gravity works.  We would not be able to successfully skydive today if it wasn’t for studying the works of Sir Isaac Newton to give us the physics of skydiving.

Basically, everything attracts. The bigger the object, the bigger it’s gravitational force on other objects.  So, when a skydiver jumps out of a plane, he has much less of a gravitational pull than the earth.  That is why the skydiver falls towards the earth and not the other way around.  Wouldn’t that make life interesting if the planet leaped into space to meet every single skydiver taking a jump?  This question can be answered with the physics of skydiving.


Now, when something falls, it falls at a certain rate of speed.  However, if continues to fall, the gravitational pull on it becomes stronger, causing the plummeting object to fall even faster the further it goes.

For example, if you drop a penny a few feet from the ground, not much happens except the penny hits the ground.  But if you drop it off of the Empire State Building, you can do some major damage to the very unamused New Yorkers below.  Why?  Because that feather light penny has speeded up (accelerated) so fast that it is now a lethal weapon.  Why armies choose to rain bombs on enemies is beyond me – they could do significant damage just by dropping pennies.

This is why we have to have parachutes when skydiving.  The physics of skydiving say that the farther the fall, the harder you will hit the ground.  But the parachute significantly slows down your rate of acceleration, making your impact a lot less.  Now, many skydivers still get hurt when they touch down (more like “slam down”) but at least they aren’t killed.

Why Go Sky Diving In New Jersey?

America is packed with wonderful and scenic places to visit, and New Jersey offers plenty of sights to enjoy.  Those who are already dedicated skydivers will probably think about doing a dive everywhere they go, to see different places from a new and unique angle, but sky diving in New Jersey is certainly a must do event – whatever your skill level is.

Where Exactly Is New Jersey?

New Jersey is just south of New York and east of Pennsylvania, so it’s uniquely positioned to offer a wide selection of places to visit.  With places like Newark, Princeton and Vineland to visit, you can see why sky diving in New Jersey offers an attractive prospect for any holiday or weekend stay.

The proximity of New Jersey to the Atlantic coast means that sky diving in New Jersey offers fantastic views of both land and sea.  You can enjoy the plane ride as you climb up to skydiving height – and then see it all from outside the plane as you dive back down.

The Jersey shore is famous for its sights and sounds, and there are plenty of places to visit to enjoy something to eat and drink before and after you’ve tried sky diving in New Jersey.

Sky diving in New Jersey is easy for both beginners and experienced skydivers alike, as there are several excellent centers to visit.  It’s worth remembering that you need to be at least eighteen years of age to perform a skydive – but once you’ve tasted what it’s like and seen the sights of New Jersey from the skies, you’ll want to do it again and again.

When you are thinking of sky diving in New Jersey it’s important to make sure you are happy with the center you choose to make your jump with.  Ask any questions you have before booking your jump.  This will enable you to find out if there is anything you need to bring with you, and how long you should allow for your jump.

Your visit to any New Jersey skydiving center will be much longer than the duration of the skydive itself.  You will need to allow for training – this is necessary even for a tandem jump – and the preparation required beforehand.  You’ll also need to calm down afterwards!

So if you’re considering booking a holiday to the New Jersey area, you might want to add skydiving to your itinerary.  You’ll have the time of your life.

The Importance Of Sky Diving Instruction

Just as you wouldn’t start driving a car at high speed without learning how it works and what to do in the case of an emergency, you wouldn’t jump out of an aeroplane for a spot of skydiving without learning how to do it first.

This is where expert sky diving instruction comes in.

Getting The Knowledge You Need

If you are a beginner – or perhaps a curious bystander – you would be forgiven for thinking that skydiving is just a matter of jumping out of an aeroplane and deploying your parachute in time for a safe landing.

Put simply, that is true, but sky diving instruction will take you much further into the sport, and give you the knowledge you’ll need to make a safe landing each time, and enjoy the experience to its fullest every time you make that leap.

Sky diving instruction reveals what kind of positions you can take up whilst freefalling back to earth, and what effect each one will have on your speed.  You can get one on one sky diving instruction, but most often you will be part of a small group of people, who are all at the same stage of learning.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you ask any questions you may have when you are learning how to skydive.    This should always apply, however silly those questions may seem.  If you need something explained more than once, don’t be embarrassed to ask again.

After all, you can’t ask very easily once you’ve left the plane and you are falling towards the ground at high speed.  Instructors are there to instruct you on how to jump safely and responsibly.  If you feel your sky diving instruction is being rushed through as quickly as possible in order to get onto the next class of people, you’re at the wrong school.

Word Of Mouth

The best way to find the best quality sky diving instruction is to go by recommendation.  If you don’t know anyone who takes part in the sport, find out if there are any local groups or clubs.  These will be able to provide reliable information on expert sky diving instruction opportunities.

However you come to the world of skydiving, it’s always worth remembering that although the dive is the most enjoyable part, sky diving instruction is the most important.

If you keep that in mind at all times, you’ll be able to enjoy your jumps and learn new skills along the way.

Tips To Prevent A Skydiving Accident

Although there isn’t many times that you hear about a skydiving accident, they can occur. Just like the fact that flying is safer than driving in a car, a skydiving accident is pretty rare. Part of the reason for this is because people now know the proper height to skydive from and how to choose a proper landing area.

A good skydiver will always study wind currents and equations to make a good estimation of where they will land based on the height they are jumping from based on wind force and direction. This careful attention to calculation and the many years of experience most have in skydiving make a skydiving accident something that is very rare.

The Importance Of Equipment

Although knowledge helps a lot when it comes to preventing a skydiving accident the fact is that information won’t help if there is a faulty parachute. This is why top-notch equipment is extremely important when it comes to preventing a skydiving accident. You should have top quality equipment and thoroughly check it after each jump while also making sure it is well maintained. You will have faulty equipment if you don’t store it carefully and check it regularly, no matter how much you paid for it.

There are skydiving accidents that occur suddenly and analysis finds that there is no fault. However, one type of skydiving accident that can be prevented is negligence on part of a company. Don’t make a quick decision when you are choosing which company to have your first skydiving jumps with. Rather look to previous skydiving clients for recommendations and be sure the company has the proper licenses and equipment. When it comes to choosing a company be an informed consumer. Take your time to plan out your choices and you likely won’t want to select the cheapest option you find.

Information You Need To Know

Without the right information you won’t be ready to skydive properly. Before you actually skydive there are a number of things you should learn. You should know the basics such as what equipment you would need, when is the best time to do your jump and what you shouldn’t do when completing your jump. Just knowing the basic information before a skydive can greatly improve your odds of avoiding a skydiving accident.

Never become overly confident in your skydiving abilities. Rather continue to check your equipment carefully, make sure you maintain your equipment properly, make proper calculations and know at least the basic information before you even set foot in a plane. If you do this then you likely never will have to experience a skydiving accident.

Important Skydiving Information To Learn

Before you go skydiving you need to know some important skydiving information. First off when decide you want to take skydiving lessons you need to consider your options and carefully consider the basic skydiving information so you can choose a facility that meets your needs. There is a lot of skydiving information that goes into choosing your location and skydiving school. READ MORE…

Choosing A Method Of Skydiving Lessons

There are three options you can choose from when taking skydiving lessons. Which you decide to do will depend on how much time you have, how much you are willing to spend for instruction and how well you handle your nerves. For your first jump during skydiving lessons you can choose between tandem, static line and accelerated freefall or AFF. Each of these methods varies in how much skydiving lessons are involved. Some are just a quick experience in skydiving while others offer a full first jump course that starts you towards becoming a certified skydiver. You will want to consider the experience each of these methods has to offer and choose the one that appeals to you the most. READ MORE…

So What Is Skydiving Anyway?

Skydiving, parachuting, base jumping… they are all extreme sports, but sometimes it can be hard for the lay person to tell the difference between them.

Asking “what is skydiving” is a fair question, because both skydivers and parachutists end up landing on the ground with the aid of a parachute after jumping from an aeroplane several thousand feet up in the sky.

So what makes skydiving different from parachuting? READ MORE…